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Agile HR

Kategorie: Management
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 Do you recognize yourself in any of these statements?
“We need to be competitive, constantly improving our prerequisites for creating new and better products/services and create more value for our customers”
“We recognize satisfied people as an important factor for increased employee engagement & performance and need new practical tools and ideas for our continuous improvement work within this area.”
“We are working according to agile principles in some parts of our business, but not in others, and are experiencing that this has created a conflict in our organizational structure.”
“We need to create a higher visibility of our vision and clarify how we expect our business to realize our strategy”
“We need hands-on tools helping us to work together between different departments, without creating sub optimization and competition”  (mostly a need in large organizations)
“Our leadership philosophy is not modern and we need to find new and better ways than carrots and sticks for leaders to use in their aim to create motivated employees that perform and are happy”
“We need to be inspired to improve by start using new tools and principles that can help us change and continuously improve instantly”
If Yes, this workshop is for you!
When working in a company embracing the agile value structure you need to understand how people strategy, people operations & management need to change − regardless if you are a Manager or an HR professional. These two perspectives are just two sides of the same coin.
Workshop program
  • Introduction to the agile approach
  • How is the agile approach related to Lean and Systems thinking?
  • Why work with agility? What characterizes the agile mindset and values?
  • How can we adapt work to create maximum value in an agile organization?
  • How should people-, recruitment, development, salary, performance-
    evaluation and rewards look like? Do we provide what people need to perform well?
  • How can we make people take responsibility and feel a sense of ownership for their work, when everyone in the organization needs to be a leader?
  • How can we use agile techniques like Scrum and Kanban ?
  • What are the specific skills that we need to use to run an agile transformation, from a people perspective?leadership perspectives
    Individual perspective (ME) Knowing yourself and why you do what you do.
  • The Reiss Motivation Profile (RMP) shows your basic needs and motives, and contributes to  a better understanding of yourself and your leadership, and why you do what you do…Team perspective – (WE) How to increase pace from immature to mature high-performing teams
  • How to grow and develop teams to be independent and empowered to make their own decisionsOrganizational perspective- (ALL OF US)
  • How to balance an agile culture with an agile structure
  • How to work to change behaviors – accomplishing an agile mindset and culture

Who can participate?
  • Line managers, HR business partners/specialists. Managers from support functions (e.g. IT, HR, marketing or finance).
    Consultant managers, general managers, management teams, consultants and more…

Corporate edition

  • Možnost prodloužit splatnost faktur dle VOP až na 60 dnů.

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