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Agile Project Management DSDM

Kategorie: Projektový management
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Agile project Management DSDM
Agility is all about delivering better value with high quality to the client. These days we often work in sprints, do our dailies and embed lessons learned. Still we struggle too often with the appreciation from the customer. What is it that hinders us? In this training we will focus on how to involve the client in the process. Not just in demo's but all the way from whom to include in the team from customer’s side to why and most importantly how will the customer’s representative work with us during the whole project or sprint cycle. 

Learning outcomes
By the end of this course, participants understand:
  • The fundamentals of the agile way of working;
  • The importance of interaction and the agile rituals;
  • The role of the business;
  • The roles in an agile environment;
  • The concept of corporate integrated agile.
  • Agility and client collaboration, so needed to deliver real value;
  • Agility, the transformation process and how to get to the next level;
  • Agility as an interaction concept; the rituals are essential in the agile way of working;
  • Agile leadership is essential;
  • The importance of group facilitation in the agile way of working;
  • How to prepare sessions;
  • analysis and information radiators.
There are no special prerequisites. Come as you are. We will go through the motion together. If desired, you can conclude this training with an Agile Foundations exam.
  • Certificate of completion;
  • Agile Foundations exam (optional).
Which training materials will be used?
Lectures, exercises, role playing and a large agile game to go through the entire project cycle and all the agile rituals.
Who should attend?
Anyone who wants to take his/her agile expertise to the next level.
Your training experience will:
Develop and enhance the contributions you make to your organization by being able to:
  • Explain the WHY of the agile way of working (value thinking);
  • Explain and understand the HOW of the agile way of working (the rituals);
  • Use and explain the project cycle (preparations, project, operations);
  • The importance and positioning of requirements (flow, details);
  • Establish project foundations (preparations in detail);
  • Explain project roles (project and overall);
  • Explain the positioning of testing in the agile way of working;
  • Focus on continuous learning and continuous improvement;
  • Facilitate the agile way of working.