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Business model innovation – escape competition by changing the rules of the game

Kategorie: Produktový management
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Investing in innovative technology is not enough and by far no guarantee for a successful and sustainable business. Product-, technology- or service innovation can be copied by competitors in a relatively short time and with little effort. The only way to beat the competition is to stop trying to beat the competition.

Is this you?
This workshop is for you…
  • if you are interested in looking behind the scenes of some of the most successful companies.
  • If you want to understand the elements and patterns of successful business models.
  • If you are interested in innovating your own business model.
  • if you like hands-on workshops instead of ‘death by powerpoint’
  • if you like to engage and collaborate with others.

This workshop is for:
  • Senior leaders (CFO, CTO, COO, CEO)
  • Product owners
  • Project and product managers
  • Scrum masters and agile coaches

Workshop outline:
In a hands-on workshop we will start with analysing your own business model. We will identify target customers, assess core customer offerings, distill your organisations’ value proposition and understand how value is created. Your trainer will present 55 distinct business model patterns that can be used to re-design your own business model or to come up with a new business model for a product or service you are working on. In the next step we how applying new patterns would change your existing business model. Confronting your business model with unrelated patterns has the potential to generate truly disruptive business models. We will wrap up by selecting the best ideas and plan how to integrate those new patterns into your existing business model.

Learning Outcomes:
• Understand the patterns of successful business models.
• Gain practical knowledge and learn new concepts you can apply in your work.
• Generate ideas on how to change your business model.
• Develop a new business model for a new product or service.

Your trainer

Sebastian is an innovation consultant, experience designer and sprint lead. He has worked with leading organisations across all industries in New Zealand and Germany. After gaining a Phd. in organizational Psychology and industrial engineering he has worked as a management consultant for PwC New Zealand helping organisations with digital transformation and customer experience design. Sebastian has worked with organisations from finance, insurance, telecommunications, manufacturing, education, retail, high-tech electronics, agriculture, and government institutions. As a sprint lead he has facilitated 30+ sprints on product and service development. He recently moved to Berlin, Germany and founded 

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