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FLOW: Rozpohybujte každého správným směrem ... a aby to měl rád!

Kategorie: Management
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Flow Certified Professional preparation course

Flow is a Business Agile leadership framework that helps leaders create and sustain optimal high-performance for individuals, teams and organizations. It is both top-down and bottom-up at the same time; and, it is designed with the organization’s leadership in mind.
This preparation course is for individuals that have:
  • At least one Agile certification (or a couple years of verifiable Agile experience)
    • CSM, PSM and/or PMI-ACP
    • SPC and/or AHF
    • Etc.
  • At least one Traditional certification (or a couple years of verifiable Traditional experience)
    • PMP, IPMA and/or P2
    • Etc.
One of the Key Takeaways is that the participant will learn how to use the following Flow tools and techniques and immediately be able to apply them to their everyday work:
  • I – Individual Flow
    • 4R Model & 4D Model
    • Personal Vision & Why!
  • We – Team Flow
    • 4D Model
    • Team Vision & Cascading Vision
  • It – Product Flow
    • Product Vision & Flow
    • Process / Project / Program Vision & Flow
    • Cascading Vision
  • Its – Organizational Flow
    • VSPT
    • Cascading Vision & Anticipatory Vision
    • …and more!

Corporate edition
  • Možnost prodloužit splatnost faktur dle VOP až na 60 dnů.