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Navigating Complexity

Kategorie: Produktový management
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Complexity is like new colleagues from Overseas: You see them every day, you work with them, but you keep feeling that you’re missing something: There is a part of them you’re not sure you understand, and you are probably not doing things well enough to bring the best out of them. 
Is this you? 
  • Facing the challenge of complexity, in your organisation or in its environment

  • Feeling the insufficiency of traditional approaches, tools and methods in the face of complexity

  • Eager to develop your complexity-savvy understanding, mindset and competence
    Examples of your experience: 
  • Everything bureaucratic is too slow and rigid to be effective
  • Analysis is never really complete
  • All questions are answered with: “It depends…”
  • Whatever you do, there are always unpredicted side effects
  • What you learned last time is only half useful this time  
    At the end of this workshop, you will look at complex situations in a different way, and choose better approaches in dealing with them. 
    This workshop is for: 
  • Anybody who helps an organisation produce results within a complex environment: Line and project managers, Coaches, OD experts, Agile Coaches, Product Management, Government officials
  • This workshop is both for people from Agile and non-Agile organisations 
    Workshop outline: 
  • Patterns of complexity in everyday situations
  • The need to bridge order and complexity in an organisation
  • What is fundamentally different in navigating complex-adaptive systems
  • The Cynefin Framework and how to use it in practice
  • Principles of navigating complexity, and how to apply them 
    Didactics: This workshop is highly interactive. Many topics are treated in small groups by playing a set of cards designed by the author. You learn with everyday situations, so that theoretical concepts are immediately filled with practical contents, and you know what you can do in your job next week. 
    Learning Outcomes: 
  • Identify complex situations and their specific qualities
  • Choose appropriate ways to connect your organisation’s structure to its complex environment
  • Know what to do fundamentally different in a complex environment
  • Develop your approach based on proven principles 

Your trainer
Bernhard Sterchi has over 15 years of experience helping leaders and their organisations become more effective in dynamic contexts. As trusted adviser, trainer, change agent and coach he has worked with leading experts in systems theory, management cybernetics and complexity science, and uses this experience to create tangible benefits for practitioners in various kinds of roles and organisations. He is the author of

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