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Systemic Prioritization - connecting strategic planning with agility

Kategorie: Produktový management
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Systemic Prioritization connecting strategic planning with agility

A central task of each Product Owner, Product Manager or CEO is to provide clear plans and roadmaps. Agility told us to work in short feedback cycles in order to adapt our requirements. Still, our productivity suffers a lot since we are not able to focus on the right things at the right time. The agile framework didn’t tell us (so far) how to do proper strategic planning within a highly dynamic and complex environment.

“It doesn’t matter how fast you move if it’s in a worthless direction. “

Systemic Prioritization fills the gap between agile processes and strategic planning. It identifies the interdependencies between strategic goals and helps you to visualise those. By doing so, it aims to identify systemic leverages (tasks, which are of exceptional importance for your innovation) in order to facilitate highest ROIs. The workshop offers a step by step introduction and guidance to the method of systemic prioritization, including a shared understanding of different milestones and the interdependence between them. On this basis you will be able to identify the “systemic leverages” and connect an agile mindset with strategic planning.

“Systemic Prioritization” is an innovative approach to address complex planning problems. Numerous international companies managed their (strategic) planning within only a couple of hours supported by this method. The workshop aims to give a broader audience theoretical and practical insight to this method.

Learning targets

Participants will get an understanding of

  • ... impact mapping as a starting point for systemic prioritization in order to identify “impact points”

  • ... visualizing your impact map

  • ... using innovative approaches in order to estimate the impact of each requirement (business analysis)

  • ... systems and network theory in the context of product management

  • ... identifying the relations and interdependencies between those requirements

  • ... identifying “systemic leverages” within your system of requirements

​Is this the right workshop for me?

Yes, if you are interested and or involved in planning processes no matter if it’s about new products, organizational changes or other forms of innovation.

Corporate edition

  • Možnost prodloužit splatnost faktur dle VOP až na 60 dnů.