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UX BURNER - A holistic product design & development framework that helps to constantly innovate with SCRUM teams

Kategorie: Produktový management
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About Workshop

Are you finding hard to fit UX Design with Agile software development? Say hello to ''UX
BURNER’'. A holistic process that gives teams a systematic way to unify UX design and Agile
development work by fostering creativity, collaboration and shared understanding. Stop your
waterfall-ish product development by doing lengthy upfront design work followed by the
development work. Stay agile and kick out the mess in your product development process
with UX BURNER. We hate wasting time to teach just theories. So in this workshop, all the
participants will have an immersive, hands-on experience of the whole process from the
scratch. Participants will be able to apply them right away in their projects. We will also give a
free copy of our playbook and present some success stories of our UX BURNER experiences
from B2B and B2C domains.

Workshop Agenda

Participants will learn each phases of the whole framework from scratch, the other key
learnings during the workshop are;
1. How to create a product definition canvas called ‘’Burner canvas’’ which helps the team to
frame problems, understand the customer needs and align the team effort towards a
common challenge.
2. How to create an effortless minimum desirable experience of the product with an
experience board technique.
3. How to conduct an effective design studio in no time and work with constraints to spark
innovative ideas.
4. How to move fast and make some thoughtful decisions on ideas.
5. How designers and developers can work during the UX burner with a pair & share
6. How to create a kickass user test plan that captures the key assumptions and core
questions to learn.
7. How to validate your ideas in a simple and effective way with the real user.
8. How to pivot or preserve your product/business idea based on the findings after the UX
BURNER process.

Who can attend

UX BURNER is not only for designers but it is also perfect for product owners, developers, tech
leads, IT architects, startup founders, process gurus, executives at large companies, team
leads and product development managers, or anyone who thinks their company could stand
to do things a different way.


Corporate edition

  • Možnost prodloužit splatnost faktur dle VOP až na 60 dnů.